10 Things That Dachshunds Do When They Are Trying To Tell You Something

Dachshunds, with their charming personalities and distinctive appearance, have a unique way of communicating with their owners. These lovable “wiener dogs” are not shy about expressing their thoughts and feelings. In this article, we’ll uncover the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which Dachshunds tell you something important.

Persistent Pawing: When your Dachshund repeatedly paws at you, it’s not just for attention—it’s a clear sign that they have something important to convey. Pay attention to their cues, as they might be trying to tell you it’s time for a walk, play, or a treat.

Soulful Stares and Whining: Dachshunds are masters of the soulful stare. Combined with a bit of whining, this is their way of tugging at your heartstrings and letting you know they want your company, a cuddle, or perhaps a tasty morsel from your plate.

Playful Bouncing and Zoomies: Dachshunds are known for their playful antics, but when they kick it up a notch with energetic bouncing and zoomies, it could be a signal that they’re in the mood for some interactive fun. Get ready for playtime!

Selective Ignoring: If your Dachshund suddenly turns away or ignores you, it might be a subtle protest. They could be conveying displeasure, indicating they’re not happy with a particular situation or activity.

Nudging or Head-Butting: Gentle nudges or head-butting are affectionate gestures that Dachshunds use to initiate physical contact. It’s their way of saying, “I want to be close to you” or “Give me some attention, please!”

Vocal Complaints: Dachshunds are not afraid to vocalize their feelings. Whether it’s a series of barks, yips, or a distinct howl, their vocal complaints are a direct way of expressing their needs, whether it’s hunger, boredom, or the desire to go outside.

Belly-Up Submission: When your Dachshund exposes their belly, it’s a sign of trust and submission. This vulnerable pose communicates that they feel safe with you and are open to affection and belly rubs.

Tug-of-War Invitations: If your Dachshund brings you a toy or a favorite item and initiates a game of tug-of-war, it’s their way of inviting you to play and bond with them. Accept the invitation, and you’ll likely witness a burst of canine enthusiasm.

Follow-the-Leader Routine: Dachshunds often exhibit a follow-the-leader routine, shadowing their owners from room to room. This behavior is a way of expressing their desire to be included in your activities and to maintain a close connection.

Anxious Behaviors: If your Dachshund displays signs of anxiety, such as excessive licking, pacing, or trembling, they may be trying to communicate stress or discomfort. Pay attention to these behaviors and provide reassurance to help them feel secure.

Conclusion: Dachshunds may not speak our language, but their actions speak volumes. From persistent pawing to playful bouncing, these 10 behaviors are your Dachshund’s way of communicating their thoughts, feelings, and desires. Paying attention to these subtle cues strengthens the unique bond between you and your delightful wiener dog companion.