15 Signs You’re A Crazy Dachshund Person… and Proud To Be!

Are you guilty of pampering your pooch a little too much? Do you find yourself talking to your dog as if they understand every word? If so, you might just be a certified crazy dog person, and that’s something to celebrate! Here are 15 signs that you wear your dog-loving badge with pride:

Pet Photo Gallery: Your phone is filled with more pictures of your dog than anything else. Who needs selfies when you have a furry friend this photogenic?

Doggy Birthday Parties: You throw birthday parties for your dog complete with a cake made especially for canine taste buds. Hey, every year they age in dog years is a milestone!

Matching Outfits: You own matching outfits for you and your dog. Fashion-forward twinning is a must for any crazy dog person.

Doggy Language Fluency: You have a unique vocabulary exclusively for your dog, and you’re convinced they understand every word. Bork, woof, and puppers are part of your everyday lexicon.

Paw Print Tattoos: Your ink includes a permanent tribute to your furry friend. Paw prints, portraits, or even their name – your love is forever etched.

Special Dining Arrangements: Your dog has their own designated spot at the dinner table, complete with their personalized dish. Because sharing is caring, right?

Doggy Spa Days: Your dog gets pampered with spa days, complete with massages, grooming sessions, and maybe even a canine-friendly facial mask. Relaxation is for everyone in the household.

Doggy Tech Gadgets: Your dog has more tech gadgets than some humans. From fitness trackers to automated treat dispensers, your furry friend is living in the lap of digital luxury.

Endless Doggy Accessories: Your dog’s wardrobe rivals your own. Sweaters, bandanas, bowties – they’ve got it all, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Social Media Star: Your dog has their own Instagram or TikTok account, and they might even have more followers than you do. #DogInfluencer in the making!

Doggy Christmas Presents: Your dog has a more extensive Christmas present list than your extended family. Wrapping paper and bows are essential components of the holiday festivities.

Dog-Friendly Vacations: Your travel plans revolve around dog-friendly destinations. Beach resorts, hiking trails, and pet-friendly hotels are non-negotiable.

Doggy Daycare VIP: Your dog is a VIP at the local doggy daycare, complete with a reserved spot and maybe even a customized nap time routine.

Doggy-Specific Furniture: Your furniture is strategically arranged to accommodate your dog’s favorite napping spots. Their comfort is a top priority in your home decor decisions.

Doggy Conversations: You have full-blown conversations with your dog, and you’re convinced they understand and respond with a series of barks, tail wags, and head tilts. It’s a two-way street of communication, no doubt.

If you find yourself nodding along to these signs, congratulations—you’re a certified crazy dog person, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Embrace the fur-filled, paw-printed adventure that comes with being head over heels for your canine companion!