4 more exercises for training your Dachshund

Walking behind the master

The command: “back

Equipment: noose collar, training leash and a few dry twigs

Put on the training leash and give the command “heel”, followed by a few “sit”, “down” and “stand” exercises, then “sit” again.
Ask your companion to stand still and take a few steps until the leash, which you’re holding in your right hand, is taut behind you.
At this point, give him the command “come”. The Dachshund will want to take the “heel” position you’ve taught him, but with a few twigs held in your left hand, which you wave behind your back without touching his muzzle, prevent him from moving forward by giving the command “back”.
Jumping obstacles

The command: “jump

Equipment: noose collar, leash, height-adjustable obstacle made of small planks measuring 10 cm by 50 cm.

Place the planks at a height of 10 cm. Put him on the 6 m leash; get him to assume the “heel” position.
Jump the obstacle by pulling on the leash and giving the command “jump”. Your dog will clear the obstacle without difficulty; repeat the exercise.
After repeated practice, add a board to make the obstacle about 20 cm high.
Praise him every time
Once he’s familiar with the command and the exercise, let him do it off-leash and set the obstacle height at 50 cm.
Don’t increase the height of the obstacle until your Dachshund has confidently jumped the previous height.
Show jumping
Show jumping

Retrieving objects

The commands: “bring” and “leave”.

Equipment: noose collar, training leash and stick

Start by letting your dog play with the stick so he can get used to it. Throw the stick away. He’ll happily bring it back to you
Pick it up again and, without playing this time, give the command “heel” and go for a short walk, keeping the stick in your right hand.
Stop and offer it to the dog; when he wants to take it, give the command “fetch” while bringing it close to his mouth.
When he has learned to hold the object in his mouth without your help, you can give the command “let go” while removing the stick from his mouth and petting him to praise him.
Searching for and retrieving objects
The command: “search and retrieve”.

Equipment: noose collar, training leash and stick

Offer the dog the object to be retrieved, but don’t put it in his mouth. Hold it at a distance and increase the distance until your dog has to pick it up.
As soon as your Dachshund knows how to retrieve the object and understands the command, throw the stick away and give the command “fetch”.
When he has picked up the object, give the command “come” and, as soon as he joins you, give the command “leave”.
Don’t forget to congratulate the animal on each successful exercise.