9 Signs You Are A Crazy Dachshund Person

Dogs play an important role in our lives starting from guard dogs and cuddling partners to service dogs and emotional support animals. They are efficient in their way of working. They devote their lives to the well-being of their owners without complaining. Let us talk about the major signs you are a crazy dog person.

9 signs you are a crazy dog person

Following are the 9 signs that you are a crazy dog person:
You bring home puppies

The first sign of craziness is whenever you see an abandoned puppy or dog you bring it home. You try to take care of the puppy or dog, and your parents always tell you that you are not capable of taking care of a puppy at such a young age. You have a kind heart and lovtowardsd stray dogs.

You know all breeds

Whenever you see a dog you know what breed it is because you have searched all the breeds and tried to select the one you can keep at home after your parents allow it. Moreover, you will shout the name of the breed whenever you see it and get excited to be right about it.

Dog lovers come to you

Whenever a dog lover or dog owner needs any kind of information, they come to you because they know that you are the right person to ask about the things they cannot find on the internet. Moreover, they also trust you and let you keep their dogs whenever they are out camping or for work.

You think about your dog all day

When you are at home you love to play with your dog but when you are at work you still think about your canine best friend. You cannot get it out of your mind. When you are back home, the world is more beautiful for you around your dog and beautiful for him too. Love can make a home no less than a paradise.

You are the most active in the dog group

Suppose you and your friends or family have a dog group and they talk about dogs and stuff. You are the most active member of the dog group. You have more knowledge and experience than anybody else in the group. You are excited when there is some kind of group call or group chat to talk about their personality and their behavior.

Your friends come to you in need of any kind of information for their essays, blogs, and papers on dog personality and their lovable nature.

You have all the helpline numbers

In your neighborhood, you are the one who has the contact number of the nearest vet and the shelter home because you think anybody will need it at any time. You do not have a dog at your home, but you still care about the dog lovers and the dog owners in the neighborhood. You are ready to help any dog owner or dog lover at any time.

You end up friends with dog lovers

Whenever you meet a dog lover you like to have an interesting conversation with them about the dogs and end up becoming friends. In the same way, when you meet a person who doesn’t like dogs, you cannot get along with them.

You have a friend circle and a dog lover circle, and you pretty much like the second one. Your relationship with any person is largely defined by the way he or she treats your dog.
Your favorite movie is “Hachi” and “Marley & Me”

This is the most evident sign that you are a crazy dog person. You love the movies that define the effort and selfless love of the dog towards their human companions. Moreover, you end up watching movies in which a dog appears even if those movies are boring and the story doesn’t excite you.

You become emotional while watching these kinds of movies even if you are watching it on repeat. You always think that if you can save the dog you would do it anyway.

You have pictures of your dog on your phone

This is one of the signs that you are a crazy dog person. If someone looks into your gallery they will find a lot of dog pictures more than the human pictures. You think if somehow the internet is disconnected, then you must have good content to watch in your gallery and that is why you have downloaded these dog pictures on your phone.


Dog lovers are kind people and very energetic such as their loyal canine friends. It is a blessing to have a canine friend at your home who is always eager to learn more from you, and you see respect in their kind eyes for you. Dog lovers love to brag about their dogs.