Collar Or Harness For Dachshund – Which Is Best And Why?

Choosing between a collar and a harness for your Dachshund depends on various factors, and both have their advantages. Here’s a breakdown of the considerations for each:



  1. Identification: Collars are commonly used for attaching ID tags with important information such as your contact details and your dog’s license.
  2. Everyday Wear: Collars are convenient for everyday wear and are suitable for dogs who are accustomed to walking on a leash without pulling.
  3. Lightweight: Collars are generally lightweight and can be comfortable for dogs, especially those who are not prone to pulling.


  1. Neck and Tracheal Strain: Dachshunds are prone to back issues, and using a collar can put strain on their necks and tracheas, especially if they tend to pull during walks.
  2. Escape Risk: Dachshunds, with their slender necks, may be more prone to slipping out of collars, so it’s crucial to ensure a secure fit.



  1. Back and Neck Support: Harnesses provide support to the back and neck, distributing the force evenly across the body. This is particularly beneficial for Dachshunds, who are prone to back problems.
  2. Reduced Tracheal Pressure: Using a harness reduces the pressure on the neck and trachea, which is important for breeds with a predisposition to tracheal issues.
  3. Control and Training: Harnesses offer better control, making them suitable for training purposes, especially if your Dachshund tends to pull during walks.
  4. Security: Harnesses can be more secure, reducing the risk of your Dachshund slipping out during walks.


  1. Identification: While some harnesses have a built-in ring for ID tags, collars are still more commonly used for displaying identification.
  2. Getting Used to It: Some dogs may take time to get used to wearing a harness, so a gradual introduction may be needed.

The Best Choice:

The best choice depends on your Dachshund’s behavior, health, and your specific needs. In many cases, a harness is recommended for Dachshunds, especially those prone to back issues. It provides better support and control during walks.

If you choose a harness, ensure it fits snugly but not too tight, and that your Dachshund is comfortable wearing it. Regularly check for signs of chafing or discomfort.

For identification purposes, consider using both a harness and a lightweight collar with an ID tag. Always prioritize your Dachshund’s comfort and well-being when making your choice.