How Do I Get My Dachshund To Stop Digging Holes In The Yard?

Looking for ways and strategies to get your dachshund to stop digging holes in the yard. You are in the right place.
Read on as we’ll explore why they dig holes, the dangers of these behaviors, and the strategies to stop them from digging holes.
Let us get right into it.

Understanding Why Dachshunds Love to Dig

Before effectively addressing your dachshund’s digging habit, knowing the root causes of this behavior is essential. The better you understand the “why,” the more successfully you can address how to stop it.
Let’s explore some common reasons behind this digging obsession your dachshund may have.

1) Natural Instincts
Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt small underground animals like badgers. This genetic predisposition means they are hardwired to dig. Digging isn’t just fun for them. It’s a deeply ingrained part of their heritage. It’s like they’ve got digging in their DNA!

2) Boredom
Dachshunds are energetic dogs that need physical and mental stimulation. They may resort to digging to expend their pent-up energy if they’re not adequately entertained.

3) Anxiety
Some dogs dig when they’re anxious. This could be separation anxiety or stress triggered by environmental factors like loud noises.
Dangers of a Dachshund’s Digging
Here are the dangers of a dachshund’s digging habit:
1) Paw Injuries
The repetitive digging motion can lead to wear and tear on your dachshund’s paws. Sharp objects hidden in the soil—like glass, rocks, or metal—can cause cuts or scrapes.
2) Muscle Strain
Dachshunds are prone to back problems due to their elongated spine. Digging puts additional stress on their muscles and spine.
3) Parasite Exposure
Soil can harbor parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms. Digging increases your dachshund’s exposure to these parasites, which can lead to a range of health issues.
4) Property Damage
Frequent digging can destroy your lawn or garden. Plants may be uprooted, and the visual appeal of your yard may be compromised.
5) Escape Routes
Digging near fences provides an escape route not just for your dachshund but also for other pets that may be in your yard. If they wander off, this can lead to lost pets and potentially hazardous situations.

Tips On How To Stop the Digging

Here are some practical strategies to stop your Dachshund from digging:
1) Provide Plenty of Exercises
A tired dog is less likely to engage in destructive behavior. Ensure your Dachshund gets enough physical activity through walks, playtime, or agility training.
2) Mental Stimulation
Incorporate puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, or nose-work games to keep your Dachshund mentally engaged. This can help divert their focus away from digging.
3) Create a Designated Digging Zone
If your Dachshund loves to dig, consider creating a designated area in your yard. Train them to understand that it’s the only place where digging is allowed. I recommend consulting an animal behaviorist to ensure your dog gets proper training.
4) Use Deterrents
Sprinkle areas where your dog digs with non-toxic deterrents like citrus peels or coffee grounds. These smells are unpleasant for dogs and may dissuade them from digging.
5) Positive Reinforcement
Reward your Dachshund for good behavior. Use treats and verbal praise whenever they choose not to dig, reinforcing the idea that not digging is a good thing.
6) Consult a Professional
If the digging persists despite trying various methods, consult a veterinarian or a certified dog behaviorist to rule out any underlying health or behavioral issues.
Training Tips
Training your Dachshund to stop digging will require patience and consistency. Stick with one method for at least a few weeks to see if it works before trying another approach.
Here are some additional tips:

  • Start Young – The earlier you start training, the better.
  • Be Consistent – Ensure everyone in the household is on the same page to avoid sending mixed signals.
  • Monitor Them – Keep an eye on your Dachshund when they’re outside to catch them in the act and redirect their attention.

Dachshunds are charming dogs with a lot of energy and curiosity, sometimes leading them to dig up your yard.
However, understanding the reasons behind their digging and employing strategic methods will curb this behavior. With patience, consistency, and a lot of love, your yard can remain hole-free, and your Dachshund will enjoy the outdoor time more constructively.
We hope this post helped you train your Dachshund to stop digging holes in the yard.