Research Shows That The Dachshund Can Understand Human Language?

Do you think dogs don’t understand human language? You are so wrong!

According to Attila Andics, a neurologist at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, “Dachshunds or other dogs are very interested in what we say, and how we convey the message to them”.

Even if you are not a dachshund lover, when you watch this whole set of photos you will burst into tears! You will love your dogs more after reading this story:

Research Shows That The Dachshund Can Understand Human Language? 1
Photo by Cathy Kennedy Thrasher‎

For those who have dachshunds in their home, they will understand why dogs become a member of the family. Dachshunds are not only loyal to their owner, but they are also great friends, soul mates, people even said that “You might not have a lover but you must have a dog”.

It seems like between us and dachshund puppies, there is an invisible bond. When we live together for a while, we will feel like those puppies can understand everything we say.

Recently, scientists have found the evidence shows that this loyal friend really understands what we are talking.

Researchers in Hungary have taken a brain scan of puppies to find out how they handle information when they heard it. As a result, their left hemisphere specializes in processing the words they hear, while the right hemisphere specializes in decoding the intonation that the voice emits, like a human.

Moreover, dachshunds are becoming more sensitive to the compliments and cheerful intonation spoke by their owners. The boring, evenly words, regardless of whether they are excited or sad, will have no similar effect.

Research Shows That The Dachshund Can Understand Human Language? 3
Photo by Carrie Ryan Foote‎

So if have the habit of complimenting your puppies, keep doing it more often. Everyone loves to be praised, not only puppies.

Besides, dogs have become friends with the human for thousands of years. That means they are learning how to communicate to us in a closer way, by paying more attention to what we say to them. The study was published in Science magazine and the scientists claim that dogs are awake, relaxed and happy during the experiment, so this is an accurate and trust statement.

Research Shows That The Dachshund Can Understand Human Language? 4
Photo by David Amado‎

Dachshunds are also called sausages, wiener dogs, doxie or hot dogs. Conclusion, dachshunds are very lovely, right? This article uses photos from Dachshund Bonus Group and the photos were shared by member of the group. Thanks to all members for the shares.