The 6 Most Adorably Awkward Dachshund Sleeping Positions

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and playful personalities, are known for their unique and often comical sleeping positions. If you’re a proud Dachshund parent, you’ve likely witnessed your furry friend contort themselves into positions that leave you both amused and utterly captivated. Here, we explore the six most adorably awkward Dachshund sleeping positions that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Pretzel Pup: This position involves a Dachshund expertly twisting their body into a pretzel-like shape. Legs and tail may intertwine, creating a charming and slightly confusing arrangement that showcases the Dachshund’s flexibility.

The Upside-Down Dachsie: A classic among Dachshund sleeping poses, the upside-down Dachsie involves your pup lying on their back with all four legs pointing skyward. This position not only displays their trust and comfort but also highlights their adorable belly.

The Sphinx Slumber: Picture a miniature Sphinx statue, and you have the inspiration for this Dachshund sleeping pose. With their front paws extended forward and hind legs stretched out behind them, your Dachshund creates a regal and endearing tableau during their naptime.

The Curled Sausage: Often resembling a tightly curled sausage, this position has your Dachshund tucking their nose under their tail while curling into a compact ball. It’s a cute and cozy way for your pup to conserve warmth and create a sense of security.

The Head-Tilted Hibernation: In this position, your Dachshund may rest their head at an unusual angle, creating an endearing head tilt while they snooze. It’s a heart-melting pose that adds an extra layer of charm to their already adorable slumber.

The Limb Splayed Siesta: This position features a Dachshund sprawled out with limbs splayed in different directions. Whether it’s one leg sticking out to the side or two legs in opposite directions, the result is a delightful and slightly awkward sleeping arrangement that showcases their carefree nature.


Dachshunds bring a unique blend of charm, humor, and affection into our lives, and their sleeping positions are no exception. From pretzel-like contortions to upside-down belly displays, these adorably awkward sleeping poses only add to the delight of being a Dachshund parent. So, the next time you catch your wiener dog napping in one of these charming positions, be sure to capture the moment and revel in the cuteness that defines the world of Dachshund snoozing.