9 Things Your Dachshund Wants to Tell You. I was Surprised !!

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and charming personalities, have a unique way of communicating with their humans. While they may not speak our language, their actions and behaviors often convey a wealth of information about their thoughts and feelings. Prepare to be surprised as we unveil the secrets that your dachshund wishes they could share with you. Here are nine things your beloved doxie wants you to know!

  1. “I’m Not Just a Lap Dog—I’m a Protector Too!” Your dachshund may love snuggling on your lap, but deep down, they have a fierce protective instinct. Don’t be surprised if they bark or stand guard when they sense something amiss—they’re your loyal guardians!
  2. “My Nose Knows Best!” Dachshunds have an excellent sense of smell, and they love to use it. From sniffing out treats to exploring new scents on walks, your doxie is telling you that the world is full of exciting smells waiting to be discovered.
  3. “I’m Not Short, I’m Low to the Ground for a Reason!” The low stature of dachshunds is no accident; it’s a feature that served them well during their hunting days. Your doxie wants you to appreciate their unique design and understand that being close to the ground has its advantages!
  4. “I Love Your Company, Even in Silence.” Dachshunds are social animals, and they thrive on companionship. Whether you’re chatting away or enjoying a quiet moment, your doxie cherishes your presence. Sometimes, just being near you is enough to make their day.
  5. “Variety is the Spice of My Life!” Dachshunds are curious and love variety. From trying different treats to exploring new environments, your doxie wants you to know that a bit of spice and change keeps their adventurous spirit alive.
  6. “Playtime Isn’t Just for Puppies!” Your dachshund may age, but their playful spirit remains young at heart. They want you to indulge in playtime, toss a toy, or engage in a game of fetch. It’s not just for their enjoyment; it’s a shared bonding experience that keeps them active and happy.
  7. “I’m More Than My Looks—I’m Intelligent Too!” Don’t let their adorable appearance fool you; dachshunds are smart cookies. Your doxie wants recognition for their intelligence, so challenge them with puzzle toys and games that stimulate their clever minds.
  8. “Routine Comforts Me, But Surprises Delight Me!” Dachshunds appreciate routine, but a little surprise now and then adds excitement to their lives. Whether it’s a new toy, a different walking route, or a special treat, your doxie secretly craves a touch of spontaneity.
  9. “I Understand More Than You Think—I’m in Tune with You!” Dachshunds are incredibly perceptive and attuned to your emotions. Your doxie wants you to know that they understand when you’re happy, sad, or stressed. They’re there to offer comfort and companionship, no words needed.


Your dachshund may not have mastered human language, but their actions speak volumes. By tuning in to their behaviors and understanding these nine revelations, you’ll strengthen the unique bond you share with your delightful doxie. So, the next time your dachshund gazes at you with those soulful eyes, know that there’s a world of canine communication waiting to be discovered.