Are Dachshunds Good With Kids? The Ultimate Guide!


Dachshunds, with their unique appearance and playful personalities, often capture the hearts of dog lovers. If you’re considering adding a Dachshund to your family and have kids, you may be wondering, “Are Dachshunds good with kids?” This ultimate guide will provide insights into the Dachshund’s temperament, behavior with children, and tips for fostering a harmonious relationship.

Dachshund Temperament:

Dachshunds are known for their bold and spirited nature. Despite their small size, they carry themselves with confidence and can be quite courageous. Understanding their temperament is key to ensuring a positive interaction with children.

Positive Traits:

1. Playful Nature:

  • Dachshunds are playful and enjoy interactive games. Their energy can match that of children, making them excellent playmates.

2. Loyal Companionship:

  • Dachshunds are known for forming strong bonds with their families. They often become loyal companions and may develop a protective instinct towards children.

3. Adaptability:

  • Dachshunds are adaptable to different living situations. Whether you have a spacious backyard or live in an apartment, they can thrive in various environments.

Considerations for Families with Kids:

1. Supervision:

  • Like any dog breed, supervision is crucial when Dachshunds interact with young children. This ensures the safety of both the child and the dog.

2. Training:

  • Early training is essential. Teach children how to approach and interact with the Dachshund calmly and respectfully. Similarly, train your Dachshund to respond well to basic commands.

3. Socialization:

  • Introduce your Dachshund to various experiences, including meeting different people and other pets. Positive socialization enhances their comfort and behavior around children.

4. Respect for Space:

  • Dachshunds, like many dogs, appreciate having their own space. Teach children to respect the dog’s boundaries and provide a quiet place where the Dachshund can retreat if needed.

Potential Challenges:

1. Size Considerations:

  • Due to their small size, Dachshunds may be more fragile than larger breeds. Teach children to handle them gently and avoid rough play.

2. Patience and Consistency:

  • Dachshunds can be stubborn, so patience and consistent training are crucial. Teach children the importance of positive reinforcement and consistency in interactions.


In conclusion, Dachshunds can make wonderful companions for families with children. Their playful nature and loyalty contribute to a fulfilling family dynamic. However, like any dog breed, it’s important to understand their temperament, provide proper training, and ensure supervised interactions. When approached with respect and care, the bond between Dachshunds and kids can be a source of joy and lasting memories for the entire family.