Top 7 Tips for Potty Training a Dachshund

Potty training a Dachshund requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Here are seven tips to help you successfully train your Dachshund to do their business in the right place:

1. Establish a Routine:

  • Set a consistent schedule for feeding, walks, and bathroom breaks. Dachshunds, like many dogs, thrive on routine. Take your puppy outside first thing in the morning, after meals, and before bedtime.

2. Choose a Designated Potty Area:

  • Designate a specific spot outside for bathroom breaks. The scent left behind will help your Dachshund understand that this is the appropriate place to go.

3. Supervise and Anticipate:

  • Keep a close eye on your Dachshund, especially when they are indoors. Anticipate when they might need to go based on their routine and take them outside before accidents happen.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement:

  • Immediately praise and reward your Dachshund when they go potty in the designated area. Positive reinforcement helps them associate the behavior with a positive outcome.

5. Clean Accidents Thoroughly:

  • Accidents will happen, especially during the early stages of training. Clean any indoor accidents thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate odors. Dogs may be drawn to the scent of previous accidents.

6. Be Patient and Consistent:

  • Potty training takes time, and setbacks are normal. Be patient and consistent in your approach. Stick to the routine, and avoid punishing your Dachshund for accidents—positive reinforcement works best.

7. Use Crate Training:

  • Crate training can be an effective tool for potty training. Dogs generally do not like to soil their living space. Use a crate that is just big enough for your Dachshund to stand, turn around, and lie down. Take them outside immediately after releasing them from the crate.

Bonus Tip: Monitor Water Intake

  • Keep an eye on your Dachshund’s water intake, especially in the evening. Limiting access to water a couple of hours before bedtime can help reduce the likelihood of nighttime accidents.

Remember that every dog is unique, and the timeline for potty training may vary. Celebrate small successes and remain consistent in your approach. If you encounter persistent challenges, consult with a professional dog trainer for personalized guidance.

With time, patience, and positive reinforcement, you can successfully potty train your Dachshund and create a happy and clean living environment.